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Don Shuflin, President of Best Roofing Company, started the business 29 years ago, in 1989. He explains his business name: “I never did care for roofing. It’s back breaking hard work. So when I decided to start my own roofing business, I wanted to make the “best” of it.” His goal is to be “small enough to be a very personable business, but big enough to meet the needs here on the Oregon Coast.” 

We believe that it is important to have a live person answer the phone, no matter what the size of the business. We are a micro business running six to eight employees only, but May personally answers your phone call weekday mornings, so you won’t need to leave messages and wait for call backs.

The crew meets every morning for a production meeting, ensuring a professional result for each roofing job.

Knowledge and experience - that’s why Best Roofing Company can deliver such professional results.

                                             All Major Credit Cards Accepted

Customer Comments

“When you roof a house you place yourself open to inspection by neighbors, all comments from neighbors were positive. If anyone is interested in roofing, I will recommend Best Roofing. Thanks for your prompt, professional work. P.S. cleanest post-job site I have seen.”

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